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Meet idrawyoursmile: Crafting Timeless Crochet Pattern Flowers

Updated: Mar 25

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Greetings! I'm Lucy, the proud proprietor of idrawyoursmile. I've been overseeing my Etsy Crochet store for nearly two years. Initially, I ventured into the world of felting kits, but it didn't quite take off as expected. My crochet journey began when I wanted to create bunny flowers for a friend's birthday. Fast forward to January 2024, and I'm ecstatic to announce that my Etsy store has just hit the milestone of 5,000 sales on flower bouquet crochet patterns. Cheers to this exciting achievement!

My first try really looked bad, took me a month to create this little bunny flower, although it was a super begginer friendly pattern.

idrawyoursmile first crochet amigurumi
idrawyoursmile bunny flower amigurumi crochet patterns

Thankfully, things improved from there, and I delved into the enchanting world of crochet bouquets. Currently, as I approach the completion of my master's degree, I find myself unsurprisingly crafting my final thesis, focusing on an in-depth analysis of my small business. I'll be sure to keep you updated on any exciting developments!

The idea behind idrawyoursmile flowers is simple: real flowers fade quickly, so I wanted to create everlasting crochet bouquets. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced crocheter, I'm committed to making this accessible to everyone. I'm working hard to provide flower patterns for beautiful bouquets that last with beginner friendly instructions, and also a lot of inspiration for all.

Keep up with me for updates and new patterns, and check out the patterns already available for sale in

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